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About Kay

I am often reluctant to tell people about my background because I fear that I might look like a dilettante. I have changed careers several times over my lifetime.

I became obsessed with learning to paint as a young mother. It took me 20 years of painting at every spare moment and  many workshops before I went back to shool. After I finished earning a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A. – the terminal graduate degree in visual art production), I taught college art courses for nine years. I really enjoyed working with students but I didn’t like living in a small town and wanted to try something different.

More recently I have been providing marketing to small businesses at Stand-Out Communication; I began to study for an M.B.A. when I realized I’d like to change careers. Now I am beginning to paint again and plan to resume the other art activities I abandoned five years ago. My goals will be to make art, work with other artists, and provide some commentary about art and the art world.