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Seeing is Believing

This year we have experienced  a total eclipse, extremely destructive hurricanes and massive wild fires that many people associate with God’s judgement. Human beings often view all phenomena through a religious lens. An aspect of this is frequent discoveries of miraculous religious images in natural phenomena like this one that described a Houston family that […]

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Art Values

Art isn’t necessarily just about originality and some cultures do not value that at all. In fact, in the past even Europeans rejected art that was too much of a departure from conventional expectations. Being different is not always the key to being included in the art history books. Originality (as I am using it […]

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Art Preferences

I agree with the old saying that art is in the eye of the beholder. In fact, most of the power of the work lies with the viewer. The artist has a concept and uses the materials to express it, but the viewer brings his or her temperament, experience, mood, and expectations to the reading […]

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Media Adds Meaning

This week, my son sent me a news story he had come across about a Chinese artist who uses cut paper for cutting edge (pun intended) artworks. It made me think about how artists choose and use materials for expressive purposes. Cut paper is a traditional media in native cultures on both hemispheres and above […]

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Originality Once Again

On May 6th I went to the final concert for the 2011-2012 season of Voices of Change in Dallas. The program was preceded by a lecture by the guest composer Claude Baker and then selections of his were performed by professional musicians. Baker described his influences and his training. He said that his work is […]

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