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Art Values

Art isn’t necessarily just about originality and some cultures do not value that at all. In fact, in the past even Europeans rejected art that was too much of a departure from conventional expectations. Being different is not always the key to being included in the art history books. Originality (as I am using it […]

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Originality Once Again

On May 6th I went to the final concert for the 2011-2012 season of Voices of Change in Dallas. The program was preceded by a lecture by the guest composer Claude Baker and then selections of his were performed by professional musicians. Baker described his influences and his training. He said that his work is […]

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Money and Quality

Money is an easy way to determine the value an artwork because it is quantitative. If someone pays more, the work must be better. On Friday, May 4th  Edvard Munch’s pastel painting “The Scream” sold in an auction at Sotheby’s for almost $120 million. The piece has become an icon since it was executed in […]

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Assessment Criteria

When we look at an artwork we decide whether it is good or not. We do that based on what we know and how we feel. There is a big difference between “that looks good to me” and “that’s good”. When you say that something is good you need to explain what criteria you are […]

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